Lab Quality Policy

WAHAB LABs is committed to establishing and achieving high-quality standards that can satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients. We are committed to preparing reliable patient test results in a manner necessary to ensure adequate and timely patient care.

WAHAB LABs is also committed:

  • To perform all its work to the excellent clinical outcomes.
  • To ensure that all personnel are familiar with the contents of the manual and with all procedures relevant to their work
  • To establish Objectives for continually improvement in MSDS performance and periodically review to ensure its effectiveness.
  • To continually improve its policies, procedures, processes and MSDS performance through determining external & internal issues, identify the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties, and promoting risks base thinking concept in the clinical operations.
  • To the health, safety and welfare of its entire staff. Visitors to the laboratory are treated with respect and due consideration is provided to their safety while on site.
  • To collect, transport and handling of all specimens in such a way as to ensure the correct performance of laboratory examinations.
  • To achieve utmost customer satisfaction by ensuring safe and reliable services and respond to feedback from customers in the shortest possible time.
  • To develop the staff competencies through appropriate training programs and empower them with support and direction from Top Management.
  • Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements related to the quality management system.
  • To comply with relevant environmental legislation imposed by legal bodies.

This policy is reviewed on annual basis to ensure its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness as well as communicated to all relevant interested parties.